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Friday, November 30, 2007

Night Life Hangout at Zouk

Zouk/Phuture/Velvet Underground/Winebar
Address: 17 Jiak Kim Street
Tel: 6738 2988 Fax: 6738 3988
Operating Hours:
Zouk: Wed-Sat: 10pm till late
Phuture: Wed - Sat: 9pm till late
Velvet Underground: Tues - Sat: 9pm till late
Winebar: Mon: 6pm - 1pm Tues - Sat: 6pm till 3am

Charges: $20 for Ladies
$25 for Gentleman

Age Limit: Zouk, Wine Bar and Phuture: 18 years and above
Dress Code: No Flip Flops and Open Toe Shoes for men. Dress Stylish and Clubby
Age Limit:Velvet Underground: Mens: 23 onwards, Ladies: 21 onwards
Dress Code: No Flip Flops, Open Toe Shoes and Bermuda for men. Dress Stylish, smart and casual.

Zouk has revamped itself many times. The last revamped was a $7million deal for refurnishing and entire complex. Zouk was launched in March 1991 and is one of the oldest club in Singapore. One thing i like about Zouk is they really have have TOP name Djs and Superstars like Jay Chou, Carl Cox, Chemical Brothers also patron Zouk. This phenomenon has been reflected by many international publication such as The Face(UK), Arena(UK), South China Morning Post(Hongkong) and many more.
Zouk has four different clubs namely the Phuture, Velvet Underground, Wine Bar and the main Zouk Room.
Zouk attract most of the young, hippies and "funky" people. A lot of patron who goes zouk are most welcomed by the students. You also get to see alot of "Act Funky" people around. Different theme of songs for different night.
Velvet mainly attract the working class people. You get to see some of the air crews people here. Music are totally different from Zouk, mainly soulful, brazillian, jazzy to deeper techier grooves.
Phuture crowd is about the same as Zouk. Music are mainly the Hip Hop, Breaks, Drum n Bass...

I personally prefer Velvet Underground and i always use my citibank credit card to gain free entry.
I would rate them 3.5 stars out of 5.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Night life Hangout at Ministry of Sound (MOS)

Ministry of Sound (MOS)
Address: Blk C, The Cannery
River Valley Road
#01-(02)-(07) /02-(01)-(08)
Clarke Quay
Singapore 179022

Tel: 6235 2292


Age Limit:

Dress Code: No Slippers and Shorts for guys...

Charges: Ladies / Men
Weds : FREE / $20 for 2 drinks
Thurs : $20 for 2 drinks / $20 for 2 drinks

Fri/Sat: Before 10.30pm / Before 10.30pm
($12 for 1 drink) ($15 for 1 drink)
After 10.30 pm / After 10.30pm
($20 for 2 drinks) ($25 for 2drinks)

The first time i went to MOS was last year. It was so crowded that i had difficulty finding a space to stand although their place is huge(Imagine the crowd they are getting, Phew!). MOS is one the biggest night entertainment in Singapore with a 40,000 square structure designed with both avant-garde audio and visual effect systems - set to satiate the aural and visual senses of the discerning clubber. They have really good DJs around too. Cater to different clubbers's preference, they have different theme of music for each ground like house, funky beats, electro, hip-hop/R&B, disco and soulful house. Hence the crowd drawn are of different age range too. You can ask for a waiver on the cover charges if you decided to open a bottle of hard liquor. If i don't remember wrongly, i opened a bottle of bicardi and it waived 4 person.

They have also been awarded one of the best nightspot experience 2006 from the tourism award.

I would give them 3 stars out of 5. Of course, they still have room for improvement.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

He Ji Noodle

He Ji Noodle 何记

1)273 Jalan Kayu

Singapore 799501

Tel: 6853 5782 Fax: 6483 2682

2)910 Up Thomson Rd

Singapore 787112

Tel: 64514228 Fax: 64832682

Operating Hrs: -Mon-Fri : 10am - 10pm,

-Sat, Sun & Public Holidays: 8am - 4pm

6pm - 10pm
(Closed on every 2nd and 4th week Monday)

Charges: $3 for a bowl of wanton mee

This is one of my favourite noodle, i will eat their noodles at least twice a month as it is near my house. He Ji Noodle was originated in 1945. The founder of He Ji Noodle, Mr. Ho, was born in China. After the Second World War, in his early 20s, he came to Malayan and learned the art of noodle making from his great uncle. Through his perseverance, he managed to master the art of noodle making and opened his first wanton mee stall. Customers that had tasted his noodle were full of praises and as the years passed by, more stalls were opened up. People all over the world who have heard of He Ji would come to taste his wanton mee. Especially Singaporean, would ask for takeaway to bring back to Singapore for their friends and relatives. Luckily now we can enjoyed He Ji Noodle in Singapore.

Their wanton mee are different from those you taste it in hawker centre. Their noodle are chewy and spongy. Their chilli sauce is also nice and i heard it is their secret recipe. I am also a big fan of their deep fried wanton. I would always order the $3 portion. Their deep fried wonton is very crispy and it reminded me of home cooked food. Simple and Delicious.

I would rate 4.5 stars out of 5. I really love them.

Padang Palace Restaurant

Padang Palace Restaurant

Address: 2nd Level Singapore Recreation Club B
Connaught Drive
Singapore 179682

Tel: 6338 9595
Operating Hours: Mondays to Sundays

I went to try their food last sunday as it was my grandma's birthday. I would give them 4 stars for their customer service. We were given a VIP room because of grandma's birthday. The manager came in personally to wish grandma and we felt so welcomed by his service. He gave us free longevity bun and change one of the our dish, fried rice to longevity noodle as a birthday treat to grandma. Their steam pomfret in teochew style is really very fresh and good. Thumbs up for their steam prawns too. The layout and the garnishes were excellent. We paid around $388++ per table for 10 person and were given expensive dishes such as pomfret, shark fins, abalone and lobsters etc in totaling of 8 dishes. It is really worth the deal man!

Beside this, Padang Palace were voted Number 1 for the most popular chinese cuisine restaurant and the top 10 favourite restaurants for the 3rd year.

I would rate them 4 stars out of 5 stars.

My Thoughts

The death of the five singaporeans dragon boat rowers left alot of people tears and sorrow. When i knew the news of the missing five dragon boat rowers, my heart sank. I was thinking if there are really hope for them. I was praying hard for them just hoping for that miracle but it did not happen. This tragedy not only saddened the Singaporeans but also the people in Cambodia. If they are wearing life jacket, things could have turn out differently. I believed this has taught alot of people about the safety measures for any form of sports. It is always the case that if such things don't happen, people just take it for granted. Likewise for myself too. Everytime when such cases happened, i start to ponder about the meaning of life. Life is really short and unpredictable.

Whenever i think of death, i think of the people around me. I am glad that i am being loved by alot of people around me. If you are reading this post, start to think of your love ones, friends and the happy moments you enjoyed.. Do you have any friends/love ones you quarrelled? Do you hate them? Do you want them to die? Erase the hatred if you have. Open up your heart and love the people around you. Start saying "thank you", "I appreciate that" , "I love you"... It brightened up your day and theirs.

The world is beautiful. It lies in our heart, mind and soul......

Fish Head Curry

Chye Lye Restaurant Fish Head Curry
Address: 1 Jalan Legundi,
Sembawang Garden Arcades
Singapore 759263
Operating Hours: Everyday (Closed on Monday)

Tel: 6257 1396

One of their signature dishes is fish head curry. I really love their fish head curry. Unlike other fish head curries, they really use the freshest fish head and their sweet and sour taste makes you want to crave more... I personally know their boss. I guessed he is in the mid 50s and he is very humble and down to earth nice man. They have won many accolades from various food media such as Singapore food etc.

Beside curry fish head, you may want to try their Spring Chicken too.

In all, i would rate them 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.

Japanese Buffets

1) Minori Dining & Sake Bar
Address: 81 Clemenceau Ave #03-15/16
(UE Square Shopping Mall)
Singapore 239917
Tel: 6737 3353
Opening Hours: Lunch (11.30am-2.30pm)
Dinner (6pm - 10.30 pm)
(Closed on Monday)
Charges: $28 sgd per pax ( Exclude GST)
Website: http:

This newly opened japanese restaurant offers alacarte buffet menu where you can enjoy a harvest of more than 120 items of sashimi, sushi, tempura, summiyaki and teppanyaki. One thing i love the most about this restaurant is their freshly cut sashimi, octopus and paper steamboat. Although just opened, this restaurant has already start to gain some popularity among japanese food lovers. Best of all, i heard that this restaurant is endorsed by well-known celebrity Moses Lim.

In all, i would rate them 4 stars out of 5.

New born baby

This is my 2nd blog in blogspot. What am i going to write this time? I shall start off with nice food haunts in singapore. In this blog, i will include topics about food, my thoughts and news.