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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Charles & Keith /Pedro Men Warehouse Sales (27 Nov - 30Nov 08)

Charles & Keith /Pedro Men Warehouse Sale up to 70% OFF. The sales will start from 27 Nov -30Nov, Everyday from 10am-8pm. 27 November is exclusively for members only and the rest of the 2 days will be open for public. So, have you got a new pair of shoes to match your christmas outfit this year? I am sure you can pick up some great buys. :)

Click The Banner To See More Details

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Balance Warehouse Sales (20-22 November 2008)

Calling all New Balance Fans!!!! New Balance is having its warehouse sales from 20 Nov to 22 November. Apparels are starting from $10 and Sport Shoes from $25... Click the Banner below for more details. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Melben Seafood At Ang Mo Kio ( The Melben Crabs!)

Have you tried the Melben Seafood at Ang Mo Kio? This place is definitely well known for their Claypot Bee Hoon Soup Crab. Do you think they are the best place to eat crabs in Singapore? Personally, I would not say that they are the best in Singapore but they are definitely one of the most popular Crabs Haunt for the crab lovers. I also do have a special liking for their claypot crabs and creamy butter crabs. Yum! Yum! But.... their chilli crabs does not taste as good as the rest.

This place had been renovated and now this place looked so much more better with water features and the lights are actually dimmer which i think this is better for the customers. It became just like a better class kopitiam. Heehee...

Situated just opposite Melben Seafood is actually Uncle Leong Seafood. I heard both of them are from the same parent company. Despite of this, Melben Seafood had more customers.

Since there were just only 2 of us, we just ordered 1 claypot Bee Hoon Soup Crab, 1 Creamy Butter Crab and 1 Mixed mushroom vegetables. I think the price had increased slightly higher as compared to the last time I dined. I can't remember if they have GST included last time but this time they had it in the bill. The total damage for our food cost $96.30. The last time we also had 2 crabs, additional orders of Herbal wrapped chicken, Deep Fried Beancurd, Deep Fried Wu Xiang and a vegetable only cost around $120 plus and the portion was meant for 4 person the other time. Why was the difference so big this time round? Our crabs wasn't any bigger too and infact i think the person chose the smallest crabs for us. Anyway, it does not matter. We had our fill too. :)

Name: Melben Seafood
Address: Blk 232 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 #01-1222
Tel : 6285 6762
Rating: 4 stars / 5

Highly recommended Food: Claypot Beehoon Soup Crab, Creamy Butter Crab, Deep Fried Beancurd.

Claypot Bee Hoon Crab Soup ( $39 )

Creamy Butter Crab ($39) Mixed Mushroom Vegetables ($12)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Adidas Street Bazaar 14-17 Nov 2008

I am so sorry that I didn't update you guys on this great deal that was held over the weekend because my modem was down for the past few days so cannot get any access to the internet. I had a good "adidas spree" over the weekend. Everything was really CHEAP CHEAP... I went for a consecutive of 2 days, saturday and sunday because I was told every day they have different items on sales. It was not too crowded on saturday but sunday was different, we had to queue. Well, perhaps it was last day and the sales was greater.

On Saturday:
50% OFF on every purchase of 3 footwears and above
30% OFF on every purchase of 3 apparels and above

On Sunday:
50% OFF on every purchase of 3 footwears and above
50% OFF on every purchase of 3 apparels and above

See the difference? Anyway, before it was priced 50% OFF for their items, it was already very cheap because a pair of sport shoes cost about $50 which the price had already slashed down before the 50% Discount. For example, $50 x 3 pairs =$150 -50% = $75 for 3 pairs of shoes. Extremely cheap right? Where can you buy a real and authetic addidas sport shoes for SO CHEAP... Average, it cost more than $100 per pair. Here are what I had bought....

(Top black:$40, Left Pink:$25, Right Green: $35 = $100 for 3 pairs)

(Top Left Gray: $15, Top Right White: $14 Bottom Left Gray: $15, Middle Black &White: $21, Right Pink: $15) Some Apparels are bought on saturday, hence it was only additional 30% OFF. Anyway, it was still worth it because the tops are already sold out on sunday. :)

These are just part of the items shown. The men's t shirts bought by my man cost only $10 each. :) Everything are just so worth it.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ministry Of Food My Izakaya

Ministry Of Food My Izakaya (MOF) probably serve one of the most decent japanese food with decent fare. I visited the outlet located at Marina Square and you may need to join in the queue if you are too late. The total tab was $84.23 after a 10% discount using DBS credit card.

Name: Ministry Of Food My Izakaya (MOF)
- 6 Raffles Boulevard #02-138F Center Stage Marina Square Singapore 039594

- Bugis Junction (Cafe & Restaurant)200 Victoria Street #02-45 Bugis Junction S(188021)

- Raffles City (Takeaway Kiosk) 252 North Bridge Road #B1-49 S(179103)

Telephone: 63342 202 (Marina Square) 6338 6466 (Bugis)

Rating: 3 stars for ambience, 3.5 stars for food (Total out of 5 stars)

Recommendation: Mango Kakigori (Ice cream) and Seafood Toji

Teriyaki Bento ($8.80)

Tori Karaage ($7.20)

Soft shell Crab (6.80)
Tri Color Bento ($8.50)
Seafood Toji ($13.80)