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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

Oh gosh! I am one year older again... Well, I am keeping my age a secret. I received 5 great surprises from my fiance. He have always been such a sweetie to me. I received different surprises since friday.

Friday: Flowers but I am not really a woman who fancy flowers. He was the one who have this craze for flowers. Anyway, this was still a sweet thought.

Saturday: Candles with sweet messages engraved

Sunday: Photo frames with his DIY graphics on the pictures. This present came in at the right time because I have always wanted to place our picture in my room.

Monday: "Special 4 Course Dinner". I told him I wanted something special for dinner. He specially cooked the dinner by himself and we had it inside the car at sentosa. Salad, Soup, Pork Ribs & Black Pepper chicken and dessert. He cleverly packed all the food properly with different plastic containers so that I can enjoy the food easily. After that, we enjoyed the wine by the beach. I gave him 100 marks on this as it was really thoughtful and this idea really can save money. Hahaha.

Tuesday: 26 August is my actual day. He surprised me with gigantic Hello Kitty balloons and he creepily place the balloons inside my room when I was bathing. I got a shocked when I walked into the room but I was very happy. He also bought my favourite Awfully Chocolate Cake and we celebrated together with my family.

My two little nieces also came up to me giving me a sunflower and a daisy. (Both are fake ones, it is those furry flower toy). Both say "Happy Birthday and I love you, Gugu (Aunt)!" They are just so sweet to me.
I think this year was another memorable birthday for me. Happy Birthday, Happyrainz! :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tidbits to try when visiting Malaysia

On our way back to Singapore from Tioman. I managed to buy some local stuffs. I believed some of you may have already tried the tidbits. However, there are 2 that I like to specially recommend to all of you. One was advertised by Chen Liping & Xu MeiZhen on their Food variety show and the other was just another of my favourite.

This is just like the "Pong Pian" and is one of the best that I have tried so far. The filling inside is Malt candy and outside is very crunchy. This is A MUST BUY and I realized middle aged people like my mother and father really love it. Well, Infact I also love this. One pack only have 10 pieces inside so you MUST BUY MORE. 9.90RM each pack.

Muruku Ikan... I bought this without knowing what was inside. I just bought it because I have seen this almost everywhere so "shui pian lah"(anything lah), just grab one and try. This tasted just like the smaller version of those "tidbits fishball". It is flat and the color is the same. Not too bad and you can eat it for very long as there are many packets inside. Price tag shown that it is not more than 4.50rm. :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Our Last Day At Paya Beach Resort

3 days 2 nights was a fast one. All of us enjoyed the trip and it was really fun. Tioman is definitely a place that I will be going back again. I think we spent about $270 per pax including food and lodging. This is definitely another relaxation place to consider when you are on budget next time. :)

Bye Tioman, Till We Meet Again!

Leaving Sadly

Walking towards the jetty

Some Final Shots of Tioman

Catching a shot of two cute little girls, one is falling asleep
Well, some shot of the fishes again
The divers are preparing for diving, I shall try diving one day!

The bus that we are taking back to singapore

Stop Over lunch at Restoran Nusantara

This chicken chop tasted okay only..

This Fish & Chip cannot make it

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Food At Pantai Paya Restaurant - Tioman

We had our dinner second day at this restaurant, Pantai Paya Restaurant. This restaurant is owned by a chinese family and they speak teochew. The food was nice too but all of felt that the food at Paya Beach Resort tasted better. We ordered 5 dishes. There are fish, prawns, vegetable, squid & chicken. Total spending was around 180 rm for 6 pax.

A bad shot taken when I was on my way to Pantai Paya Restaurant

Gung Bao Chicken

Deep Fried Oats Prawns (Can't really see the oats and each of us only have one piece but It was quite nice)
The most expensive is this fish..
Deep Fried Sotong, Paya Beach Restaurant have nicer one. :)
The Chinese boss was quite friendly and nice towards us, he was the one who suggested us to walk to the mini town but it was already so late. We are not so adventurous to venture into a jungle without torch light. The rental of that whole place is only 800RM. Although there wasn't many people but I think it should be quite easy for them to survive and cover the cost with such a cheap rental. :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Food At Salang Beach

The food at Salang beach was HORRIBLE! I had a few bites and I stopped eating. I ordered a Soup Beehoon because I was still trying to overcome my sea sick motion. Instead of making me feel better, I felt worse after eating. It tasted very salty. I had enough of sea water and still have to eat salty food. There wasn't much ingredients inside too. The ramli burger that my friend had was not as good as the ones we ate in Paya Beach. Anyway, I didn't bother to take any pictures of the food because the food was not appealing at all. I only took one shot of the restaurant. So, If you are going to salang, please do not eat the food at this restaurant. It really CANNOT MAKE IT.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Restaurant At Paya Beach Resort

Well, there wasn't much choices of restaurant at Paya Beach. Hence, we decided to settle our first night dinner at Paya Beach Resort. I am glad we didn't make the wrong choice because the food was quite nice. Among all the dishes we have ordered, I think the squid tasted the best. It was fresh and it tasted crunchy. Total Spending was around 150 plus rm.

Tom Yum Soup & Spicy Kangkong

Claypot Toufu (Simple & nice)

Fried Squid (This is A MUST TRY)

Lemon Chicken (Mmm.. Not bad)

Well, these the food that I had for the lunch time.. The stall can be easily spotted at Paya Beach

I think there is only one stall selling Ramli Burger at Paya Beach, The burger is VERY GOOD. Much more better than the one we tried at Salang Beach.

I can't remembered what was this, I think inside is fried rice.
I think the cheapest food that can be found at Paya Beach are those ramli burgers and fried rice. Many people mentioned that food in Tioman is cheap but I doubt so for their Tze Char as you can see the food that we ordered did not have prawns or crabs and it cost about 150rm. I think the price is almost the same as Singapore Kopitiam. Although it is not really very expensive but I expected it to be cheaper because we are in Malaysia mah. I think the food in JB are cheaper than those tioman. :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tioman Island - Snorkelling Trip

Our purpose of this trip is to snorkel. So, we made our enquiries at the activities counter in Paya Beach Resort. We wanted to go on 5 different spots and was quoted 70RM per pax which was different from the quotation that Paya Beach Resort gave us through the email. When I enquired the receptionist on the price again, they are not very open in quoting the price, the way they replied me seems to be hiding something like this. Their replied was " I am not sure about it, You have to ask that man over there (the operator)." I told the lady I was quoted 50RM for the full snorkelling trip when i enquired in singapore through them and their price list inside the room indicated 50RM as well. She just kept quiet and walked away. Since we were quoted 70RM from the operator, we decided to approach another operator on the island. This time, another operator on the island quoted me 400RM for a personal speed boat and she mentioned lunch was provided. Since the speed boat was only catered for the 6 of us and lunch was provided. We decided to buy her package even though it average out to 67RM per pax.

The next day, we set out around 10am instead of 9am because one of my friend had a terrible headache. They were quite flexible with the timing as there were only 6 of us going on the speed boat. As promised, our spots included

Tulai Island(Coral Island) - 2 different spots.
Salang Island (Lunch will also be there)
Renggis Island
Marine Park
Total: 400RM

Snorkel Mask and Life Jacket: 15RM for whole day (easily available beside the reception counter)
Bread:3RM for the bigger loaves. 1.50RM for the smaller one.

I had a terrible time on the boat maybe because I had too much beer the night before. I puked two times throughout the whole journey even when I had already took sea sick pills. Two voted spots are the first stop at Tulai and Renggis Island. We did not have a chance to snorkel at Salang Island as that stupid speed boat operator kept hurrying us to the next stop. I thought that was agreed in the package?? Moreover there are NO people except us. The best part was THERE WERE NO LUNCH PROVIDED! Felt SO CHEATED! I even saw the price stated clearly in Salang. For 70RM, you can go for the REAL full round trip that include Waterfall.

As I only paid 50RM for the deposit, I went back and confronted the woman who sold us the package. She denied saying lunch was provided and I tried to negotiate the price with her. Anyway tioman is their territory, so I just LPPL paid for the balance. So, if you guys are first timer to Tioman, remember to ask clearly. However, if you are choosing to go for their 2 spots snorkel trip, it would just be 35RM which is quite standard and they will indicate the price clearly on their board.

Since we enjoyed the trip, we just forget it lah! :)

Setting out for snorkelling, waiting at the jetty for the speed boat

Trying to take a shot on the speed boat...

First Spot, Tulai Island ( There are many corals and fishes here)

That is me posing a victory sign while i snorkel

Second Spot, It is just the other side of Tulai (not much fishes)

This is Salang and I think they have more activities over here. This place seems to be more crowded. Perhaps next time i shall try staying at Salang Beach.
The water in Salang is much more clearer than Paya Beach and the sand are white

Some of the resorts at Salang

Another resort at Salang Beach

After our lunch at Salang, we proceeded to Marine Park

Fishes At Marine Park are very big, different from those I saw previously.

Dear friend getting ready to snorkel at Marine Park

Last spot, Renggis Island... Feeding the fishes. Another place with corals.
Back to Paya beach jetty and found many oysters under paya beach jetty. I saw some at Marine Park and it was much more bigger than those found at Paya Beach Jetty. Oysters can be found sticking onto the wall or pole. Remember to go and observe the oysters if you go tioman. :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Tioman Island - Watching Sunset Together

Watching sunset is a must in Tioman (Highly recommended!). Taking pictures during the sunset time is extraordinary romantic. I took many shots too! :) Here are some of my "Romantic Pictures" to share with you guys! Enjoy!

I think We are sweet to take this kind of shots. Haha

Feel Soooo Good To Capture This Moment

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tioman Island - Paya Beach

Since there were no supply of the electricity, we decided to stroll along the beach. Here are some of the pictures taken just outside our Paya Beach Resort. I guessed everywhere in Tioman have nice and beautiful beach.
Paya Beach Resort

Paya Beach

My Focus is on the flock of white birds standing on the rocks

Snorkelling At Paya Beach, Near The Jetty

Mini Swimming Pool Inside The Resort

Beach Bar

Fishes Almost Every where

More information and pictures shall be updated in my next post. Please go to the "CATEGORIES" on the RIGHT and click "TIOMAN" for the rest of the previous posts in Tioman.