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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tidbits to try when visiting Malaysia

On our way back to Singapore from Tioman. I managed to buy some local stuffs. I believed some of you may have already tried the tidbits. However, there are 2 that I like to specially recommend to all of you. One was advertised by Chen Liping & Xu MeiZhen on their Food variety show and the other was just another of my favourite.

This is just like the "Pong Pian" and is one of the best that I have tried so far. The filling inside is Malt candy and outside is very crunchy. This is A MUST BUY and I realized middle aged people like my mother and father really love it. Well, Infact I also love this. One pack only have 10 pieces inside so you MUST BUY MORE. 9.90RM each pack.

Muruku Ikan... I bought this without knowing what was inside. I just bought it because I have seen this almost everywhere so "shui pian lah"(anything lah), just grab one and try. This tasted just like the smaller version of those "tidbits fishball". It is flat and the color is the same. Not too bad and you can eat it for very long as there are many packets inside. Price tag shown that it is not more than 4.50rm. :)

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