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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

Oh gosh! I am one year older again... Well, I am keeping my age a secret. I received 5 great surprises from my fiance. He have always been such a sweetie to me. I received different surprises since friday.

Friday: Flowers but I am not really a woman who fancy flowers. He was the one who have this craze for flowers. Anyway, this was still a sweet thought.

Saturday: Candles with sweet messages engraved

Sunday: Photo frames with his DIY graphics on the pictures. This present came in at the right time because I have always wanted to place our picture in my room.

Monday: "Special 4 Course Dinner". I told him I wanted something special for dinner. He specially cooked the dinner by himself and we had it inside the car at sentosa. Salad, Soup, Pork Ribs & Black Pepper chicken and dessert. He cleverly packed all the food properly with different plastic containers so that I can enjoy the food easily. After that, we enjoyed the wine by the beach. I gave him 100 marks on this as it was really thoughtful and this idea really can save money. Hahaha.

Tuesday: 26 August is my actual day. He surprised me with gigantic Hello Kitty balloons and he creepily place the balloons inside my room when I was bathing. I got a shocked when I walked into the room but I was very happy. He also bought my favourite Awfully Chocolate Cake and we celebrated together with my family.

My two little nieces also came up to me giving me a sunflower and a daisy. (Both are fake ones, it is those furry flower toy). Both say "Happy Birthday and I love you, Gugu (Aunt)!" They are just so sweet to me.
I think this year was another memorable birthday for me. Happy Birthday, Happyrainz! :)

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