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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Restaurant At Paya Beach Resort

Well, there wasn't much choices of restaurant at Paya Beach. Hence, we decided to settle our first night dinner at Paya Beach Resort. I am glad we didn't make the wrong choice because the food was quite nice. Among all the dishes we have ordered, I think the squid tasted the best. It was fresh and it tasted crunchy. Total Spending was around 150 plus rm.

Tom Yum Soup & Spicy Kangkong

Claypot Toufu (Simple & nice)

Fried Squid (This is A MUST TRY)

Lemon Chicken (Mmm.. Not bad)

Well, these the food that I had for the lunch time.. The stall can be easily spotted at Paya Beach

I think there is only one stall selling Ramli Burger at Paya Beach, The burger is VERY GOOD. Much more better than the one we tried at Salang Beach.

I can't remembered what was this, I think inside is fried rice.
I think the cheapest food that can be found at Paya Beach are those ramli burgers and fried rice. Many people mentioned that food in Tioman is cheap but I doubt so for their Tze Char as you can see the food that we ordered did not have prawns or crabs and it cost about 150rm. I think the price is almost the same as Singapore Kopitiam. Although it is not really very expensive but I expected it to be cheaper because we are in Malaysia mah. I think the food in JB are cheaper than those tioman. :)

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