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Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Tioman Trip

I am finally back to Singapore! Infact, I was already back since saturday. I just went to see a doctor yesterday because I was bitten by SAND FLIES all over. SANDFLIES instead of Mosquitoes? Weird right? I think sandflies are much more scarier than mosquitoes, I was stung all over my legs, hands and body without having the signal of sandflies flying in my sight, quietly until I realized the itchiness on saturday. It was VERY VERY ITCHY!

I have this kind of red spots all over...

Anyway, the trip was fun and enjoyable but I was quite disappointed with the people on tioman. The people at Tioman acted to be very friendly but they are not very honest. I think we were "chopped" almost every where except the restaurant inside paya beach. Things wasn't as cheap as I expected except the beer was selling cheap at 3 cans for 10Ringgit.

Beach were clean and water was crystal clear. I could see fishes swimming around the beach. See more reviews and pictures in my next post. :)

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