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Friday, May 30, 2008

Cosafe Maid Bar & Restaurant

Meat Platter
Seafood Platter

I have always been wanting to go to this restaurant and I finally got a chance to go. Before going to this restaurant, I found some negative reviews on them. Reviews such as they are only friendly to tourists and the food was not very good blah blah... Anyway, I still decided to go and see it for myself because of their uniforms.

My first impression on them was "Well, there are nothing impressive about their decor, it is just another cafe". Before we have a chance to walk around to see other restaurants, we were approached by this very friendly Filippino staff. She greeted us and made a great effort on explaining their menu and special drink that they have for that day. In the end, we decided to try their food because of her service.
Unlike others, I have a totally different opinion on them. They have EXCELLENT customer's services. Everytime after the food served, the staff would bow and tell us to enjoy the meal with a big friendly smile. Not only they bothered to change your plates when it was dirty, they also change your serviettes as well. Furthermore, I heard that this restaurant was owned by a very young and vibrant lady who is only 17 years old. Cool!

Name: Cosafe Maid Bar & Restaurant
Address: 30 Victoria Street #01-11 Chijmes
Telephone: 6339 2276

Rating: 5 stars for service, 3.5stars for food

Remarks: It was quite warm sitting outside their cafe.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cheap Parking Charges In Orchard On Weekdays

Here are some of the information consolidated for the parking charges that are considered to be cheap on weekdays in Orchard.

Mondays-Fridays before 5/6pm
-Orchard Towers
$3.50 for 1st 2 hours, $6.80 (max cap) for parking

- The Cathay
$1.00/hr (From 10am -9.59pm)

- Wheelock Open Space Carpark
$0.50/ half an hour

- Centrepoint
$1.00 for 1st hour, $1.20 subsequent 1/2hour

- Le Meridien

- Plaza Singapura
1st hr free parking(10am -6pm)
$1.05 for 2nd hr
$0.30 subsequent 15 mins

Most of the carparks in orchard are quite expensive on weekdays especially before 5/6pm. The above are the shortlisted carparks that are considered to be "Cheap" on weekdays.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cheap Parking Charges in Orchard On Sunday

Yesterday I posted some information on the parking charges in orchard on saturday. Here is the parking charges based on per entry rate on Sunday.

1) Atrium@ Orchard

2) ComCentre (Exeter Rd, near somerset mrt)
$2.05/ entry

3) Far East Plaza

4) Far East Shopping Centre

5) Forum The Shopping Mall

6) Le Meridien

7) Pacific Plaza

8) Royal Plaza On The Scott

9) Shaw Centre

10) Tanglin Mall

11) Tanglin Shopping Centre

12) Tangs

13) Wheelock Place

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cheap Parking Charges In Orchard On Saturday

This is the information I have collected for parking 4 hours in Orchard On Saturday. Here are the shortlisted car parks in Orchard that may save you some money.

- Cathay, Cineleisure
$3.75 for 1st 3hrs, $1.07 subsequent hr
Total for 4 hours: $4.82

- Wheelock Open space car park
$0.50/half an hour (Coupon parking)
Total for 4 hours: $4.00 (Was told by my friends, not very sure about it)

- Orchard Towers
$3.50 for 1st 2 hours, $6.80 (max cap) for parking
Total for 4 hours or more: $6.80

- Plaza Singapura
$1.05 for 1st hr, $0.30 subsequent 15 minutes
Total for 4 hours: $4.65

- The Cathay
$1.00/ hour
Total for 4 hours: $4.00

-Lucky Plaza
$1.61 1st hr, $1.28 subsequent ½ hr
Total for 4 hours: $5.45

- Comcentre (Exeter Road)
$2.50 per entry after 1pm

Please note that the above parking charges is accurate as of April and rate may be subjected to changes without notice. Please note that the above suggested carpark charges are before 5 or 6pm. Any time after that may have extra charges as some of the carparks will have an entry charge after 5 or 6 pm.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Great Singapore Sales 2008 (Late Night Shopping Part 2)

Here is another highlight on the late night shopping.

20 June (Friday)
Central (Till 12am)
Marina Square (Till 11pm)
Tangs Orchard (Till 11pm)

21 June (Saturday)
Marina Square (Till 11pm)
Paragon(Till 11pm)
Tangs Orchard (Till 11pm)
Wisma Atria (Till pm)

27 June (Friday)
Marina Square (Till 11pm)
Tangs Orchard (Till 11pm)

28 June (Saturday)
Marina Square (Till 11pm)
Tangs Orchard (Till 11pm)
Paragon (Till 11pm)
Wisma Atria (Till 11pm)

4 July (Friday)
Tangs Orchard (Till 11pm)

5 July (Saturday)
Paragon (Till 11pm)
Tangs Orchard (Till 11pm)
Wisma Atria (Till 11pm)

11 July (Friday)
Tangs Orchard (Till 11pm)

12 July (Saturday)
Paragon (Till 11pm)
Tangs Orchard (Till 11pm)
Wisma Atria (Till 11pm)

18 July (Friday)
Central (Till 12am)
Tangs Orchard (Till 11pm)

19 July (Saturday)
Paragon (Till 11pm)
Tangs Orchard (Till 11pm)
Wisma Atria (Till 11pm)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Crystal Jade Group ( Crystal Jade Kitchen)

Chef Recommendation: Deep Fried Roast Chicken (Half Chicken at $13)
Toasted Bread with milk and butter

Roast Duck Noodle Chicken With Dan Dan Mee
Crystal Jade is established in Singapore in 1991. They are always well known for their roast sets and noodles. With its mission of providing superior service & quality cuisine, crystal jade open one branch after another into other countries like China, Hongkong, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Japan.

Name: Crystal Jade Group
Customer Service Hotline : 6512 0800
Recommendation: Shrimp paste chicken, Wanton Mee, Roast Duck, Deep Fried Roast Chicken

Overall Rating: 4 stars

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Great Singapore Sales 2008 - Late Night Shopping

Did you buy anything for the first day of GSS? I just came back from Orchard and will be going tomorrow as there are too many sales going on right now. There were many people especially after 4pm. However, with my shopping skill I managed to grab a Kate Spade Bag at 30% Discount together plus 10% further discount if you are using takashimaya credit card. Initially, I thought I would go back empty handed but when I saw the sales sign for Kate Spade, I knew I would buy something. I queued about 20 minutes before going into Kate Spade. Phew! From now till 20 July 2008, you can enjoy your shopping with great discounts. Hooray...

Here is the schedule for Late Night Shopping until 15 June
23rd May (Friday)
Compass Point
Tangs Orchard
Wisma Atria
( All until 11pm)

24 May (Saturday)
Tangs Orchard
The Centrepoint
Wisma Atria
(All until 11pm)

30 May (Friday)
Compass Point
Marina Square
Tangs Orchard
Wisma Atria
(All until 11pm)

31 May (Saturday)
Jurong Point
Tangs Orchard
The Centrepoint
Wisma Atria
(All until 11pm)

6 June (Friday)
Causeway Point
Marina Square
Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tangs Orchard
(All until 11pm)

7 June (Saturday)
Jurong Point
Marina Square
Tangs Orchard
Wisma Atria

13 June (Friday)
Marina Square
Tangs Orchard
(All Until 11pm)

14 June (Saturday)
Jurong Point
Marina Square
Tangs Orchard
Wisma Atria
(All Until 11pm)

15 June (Sunday)
Northpoint (till 11pm)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ice Skating At Kallang

The last time I went Ice Skating was about 10 years ago. The reopening of Kallang Ice Skating since November seem to be a buzz for Ice Skating Lovers. Beside having the option of going Jurong Entertainment, they now have another choice to choose. It is also the largest ice skating rink in Singapore. Here is a comparison of both charges. I will be trying out their Ice Skating soon. Shall update with more information!

Name: Kallang Ice World
Address: Kallang Leisure Park 3rd Level
Telephone: (65) 6348 1123
Fax Number: (65) 6344 5155
Operating Hours:
Sunday to Friday
1000hrs to 2200hrs
Saturday and Eve of Public Holidays
1000hrs to 2300hrs
Charges for first 2 hours including skates
Adult - $17.50 Child(Under 12) - $15.00

Name: Fuji Ice Palace
Address: 2 Jurong East St 13, Jurong Entertainment Centre #03-01 Singapore 609731
Telephone:6565 1905
Fax Number: 6565 5957
Charges for first 2 hours including skates
Adult - $14.00 Child (under 12) - $11.80
Student( Holding Student Pass ) - $11.80

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Movenpick Marche Restaurant (VivoCity)

Oops... after our dinner.. hahaha

After its closing down of two franchise outlet, one at orchard and the other one at suntec. We were happy to see Marche once again. This place is definitely a great place for organising class gathering where each individual pay for their own share. After 10 years of not seeing each other, all of us were met up again at Marche. Although not all attended the gathering but I was quite happy to see them. I almost could not recognise some of them. Marche has variety of choices with individual food stations ranging from meat to seafood, Grills, Salads, Breads and Pastries, Dessert and Beer etc. All you need to do is to choose the food you want and give them the so called "Food Card" to scan the item. Upon exit, just give the card to the cashier and make your payment. Very colourful decor and it seems like they have christmas all year round. Haha

Name: Movenpick Marche Restaurant (VivoCity)
Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk #03-14 VivoCity
Telephone: 6376 8226
Recommendation: Mushroom and Cheese Crepe, their gigantic sausages, calamari, Rosti...
Rating: 3 stars out of 5
Spending: I spent about $18 for myself.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Wild Wild Wet

All the school kids will be having a long break on June. It is definitely a good time for overseas vacation. Of course, not to be missed with the most popular place for people to get wet and have fun, Wild Wild Wet. Wild Wild Wet get crowded on most of the weekends and school holidays. Enjoy their ULar-Lah which is the first raft slide in Southeast Asia. Ular-Lah is a super flume ride that offers you a chance to brave the rapids with five other companions. Ideal for thrill and screaming ride. Furthermore, there are many fun games and water rides for you to "SPLASH!"

Name: Wild Wild Wet
Address: 1 Pasir Ris CloseSingapore 519599
Telephone: (65) 6581 9112 or (65)6581 9128
Fax: (65) 6585 0680
Ticketing Information
Public *NTUC Member
$13.80 $10.80 (Adult)
$9.40 $6.40 (Child(aged 3 - 12 years old)
$37.50 $34.30 (Family(2 adults and 2 children)
Free Admission for Senior Citizen aged 55 and above
(Proof of age is required at Admission Counter)
I would suggest anyone who want to play all the games should avoid weekends as it will be very crowded!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Singapore Sales 2008 (Seasonal Clearance Sales At DFS Orchard)

There are some limited special offers for early shoppers up to 50% discount at DFS Galleria Scotts Road for limited time!!! You may like to check out this weekend...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

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They provide many cheap London hotels which are centrally located and would be perfect for great shopping, dining and fun. Booking through their internet reservation service, you can be sure they will help you to find find a good hotel that are accordingly to your budget and requirements.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

China Earthquake Disaster in 2008

A 7.9 magnitute earthquake strucked China, northwest of Sichuan provincial capital Chengdu and killed nearly 15,000 people. This is one of the worst hit to China in 32 years, reducing many buildings to rubbles. Tears and screaming of families were heard all over the places, calling out to their loves one. Many were buried alive and yet to be found. China is definitely in shortage of tents, medicines, water etc...

My heart sank deeper as I was reading the newspaper. Not only it shut down all the power, telecommunication links and roads but also robbed away the happiness of many families. Many were now left homeless and feeling helpless.

What do they need the most? They need your help. As the rescue workers were trying hard to find survivors, I hope the public could also lend a helping hand with your kind contributions. Even if it is $1 or how much but at least something that we could help them to pull through.

Members of public who like to contribute towards this China Earthquake can make their donations to:

Cash/Walk-in Donations

Singapore Red Cross Society
15 Penang Lane, Singapore 238486.
Collection hours

Mon - Fri: 9.30am - 5.45pm

Sat & Sun (17-18 May): 9.30am - 5pm

Vesak Day (19 May): 9.30am - 5pm
For more information, please call the Singapore Red Cross at 6334-9152/53 or email

Cheque Donation

Cheque can be made payable to:Singapore Red Cross Society
Please indicate behind the cheque:

1) Name, Organisation (if applicable), Mailing Address and Contact Numbers

2) For Red Cross China Earthquake Appeal

An official receipt (Donation is not tax deductible) will be issued.
Send the cheque to:
Singapore Red Cross Society
15 Penang Lane
Singapore 238486

UOB Internet Banking

Login, under "Bill Payments", select "Pay Bills", then select "New Bill".
Select "Red Cross China Earthquake" from the drop down menu.
Enter your contact number as the Bill Reference Number.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant

11 May 2008 was a day that every great mothers should celebrate. It was mother's day. We decided to go Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant. Well, not abalone but dimsum. We went to the Beach Road outlet and got a vip room because my sister in law's father is working there, so somehow we got special privilege.

The customer service at beach road out was quite good. Every dishes brought in was piping hot and fresh. I personally love their har kow, siew mai, egg tarts, Char Siew Su and deep fried chicken wings. We ordered about 40 baskets and the bill was only $163 with Gst and service charges.

Name: Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant
#01-26/38 Shaw Leisure Gallery
200 Turf Club Road #03-01/02 Main Grandstand
6299 3773 (Shaw Leisure Gallery)
6883 2112 (Turf Club Road)
Operating Hours:
(Shaw Leisure Gallery)
11.30 am -10.30pm(Mondays to Fridays)
11.00am - 10.30pm (Sundays & Public Holidays)
(Turf City)
11.30am - 2.30pm
5.30pm - 10.30pm
(Mondays to Sundays)

Lunch Hongkong Dim Sum
Mondays to Saturdays : 50% OFF bill total cost excl Gst, Service Charges.
Sundays & Public Holidays: 30% OFF bill total cost excl Gst, Service Charges.
(Available from 11.30am -4.30pm)

Rating: Overall, 4 stars

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cafe Cartel Singapore

Cafe Cartel was conceived by a famous Italian grandmother who married a Jewish Baker and together they opened a small cottage factory in the back street of New York. 35 years later, they come up with many different unique recipes which have also incorporated main courses into the menu. One of my favourite drink at Cafe Cartel is their Dreamy White Chocolate Latte. As for food, I would prefer their club sandwiches and St Louis Pork Ribs. They have different promotion for each day. If you have not tried Cafe Cartel, you may visit any of their outlets one of these days.

Name: Cafe Cartel
Credit Cards Promotion(Limited Time): 15% for citibank cards holder and 10% for UOB members

Rating: Overall 3.5 stars.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Singapore Money Changers With Better Exchange Rates

Here are some of the information that I gathered from my friends. Here are the picks for Best Singapore Money Changers.

1) Rabi Trading
304 Orchard Rd #01-37 Lucky Plaza
Telephone: (65) 6738 5268

Verdict: The boss, Mr Rabi is quite a friendly and funny guy. A lot of air crew members like to exchange currencies here.

2) Parkway Parade Shopping Centre
(The stretch of money changers near the man made fountain)

Verdict: There are quite a number of money changers at Parkway Parade hence they are being force by competition. Rates are quite bargainable.

3) ARJ Money Changer
21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 #04-07 Lot 1 Shoppers' Mall
Telephone: (65) 6765 2295

Verdict: This Money Changer used to be at basement. One of the Money Changers that is voted for good exchange rate but they do not have very good customer's services.

4) Golden Mile Complex

Verdict: Another place forced by competition, you can enquire and check out which one offer the best rates.

***Opinions expressed here are based on the information collected and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of companies. :)

Have You Tried Awfully Chocolate?

That is my birthday cake...(haha)

Although named "Awfully Chocolate" does not mean their chocolate is awful. Awfully Chocolate is actually a cake shop and they only sell one type of cake and that is chocolate cakes. It is actually a very simple dark chocolate cake between layers of dark chocolate fudge. If you are a chocolate lover, you will definitely love their irresistable and heavenly dark chocolate. It is not too sweet but something that a chocolate lover like myself will like. Their philosophy is also simple and unique, they focus not on the varieties but the quality. Do not be surprised if you do not find their cakes displayed out. They are not like the normal cake shops we see on the streets. They also do not sell in slices. Hence, if you want to try their cake, you have to buy the whole cake back home.

Name: Awfully Chocolate
Katong Mall
112 East Coast Road #01-26
Tel: 6345 2190 Fax: 6345 9106

Cluny Court
501 Bukit Timah Road #01-05
Tel: 6469 0565 Fax: 6469 7750

Brighton Crescent
75 Brighton Crescent
Tel: 6284 1241 Fax: 6285 6877

Republic Plaza
9 Raffles Place #01-16
Tel: 6535 6593 Fax: 6535 6592

Sembawang Hills
4 Jalan Kuras
Tel: 6451 7104 Fax: 6451 7103

1 Harbourfront Walk #01-156
Tel: 6410 9725 Fax: 6224 5507

Reccomendation: All Chocolate, Rum & Raisin
Rating: 5 Stars

Overall, Awfully Chocolate is one of my favourite option when it comes to cake. When it comes to my birthday, it is always awfully chocolate. I simply love it!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Joe's Kitchen (Singapore Thai Cuisine)

Ever since being featured on the "Shen Qian Wang". This place has been flocked with people all over singapore. The first time I went there it was fully packed with people and I have to wait for an hour if I want to eat their food so I gave up and walked away. The second time, I called and make a reservation for 6 persons but was fully booked again until 8.30pm. Finally, I decided to take-away the food. I called and again and ordered the food I wanted. This time round, I ordered Tom Yum Soup, Prawn cakes, Green curries, Stuffed chicken wings, Spicy Potatoes leaves and Deep fried toufu. Total bill was $56. What I love the most was their stuff chicken wings and Tom Yum Soup. It was tasty and not oily.

Name: Joe's Kitchen
Address: Blk 125 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-182(Opposite Alexander Hospital)
Telephone: 6270 8484
Operating Hour: 11.00am to 3.00pm
5.00pm to 10.00pm
Advice: Call before going down to avoid any disappointment

Basically, I feel that this place is too small but this is a place that you can eat authentic, nice and cheap Thai food in a heartland area. Food that are really cheap is their deep fried Fish which is only $9 and Claypot Crab Vermicelli ($15 if I don't remember wrongly).

Rating: 4 stars for food, 2 stars for ambience.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Whistler Ski Accomodation

Holiday Whistler is a vacation rental company based in Whistler, BC. If you are looking for a good skiing vacation, you may try Whistler Accomodation as they provide many different kinds of accomodation. Many of their accomodation offer ski-in, ski-out, wood burning fire places and hot bath tub. Whistler has also been number 1 rated ski resort in North America for the past 8 years. This place have 12 alpine bowls, three glaciers and more than 200 marked trails - via 33 lifts. The lifts have a capacity of nearly 60,000 skiers per hour. Beside that, you do have to worry that you cannot find great restaurants in mountains. There are a total of 18 restaurants on the mountain. The best season and condition to go there for a great skiing is from November to August.

Whistler Lodging can also accomodate up to 30 people which is very suitable for large groups or families. They also provide personalise services like child care, maid service and best of all, they offer massaging which you can have this heavenly retreat after skiing.
I personally like Snowy Creek 3 the most as it can sleeps up to 10 people. This 3 storeys townhome have 5 bedrooms and is located in the best location of Whistler. Snowy Creek 3 also have private garage and hot tub room on the ground floor. I think this accomodation is great for large families like mine.

Well, I feel that if you are arranging a Skiing trip, Whistler is definitely one of the best especially the snowbase is still over 90 inches now!