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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cafe Cartel Singapore

Cafe Cartel was conceived by a famous Italian grandmother who married a Jewish Baker and together they opened a small cottage factory in the back street of New York. 35 years later, they come up with many different unique recipes which have also incorporated main courses into the menu. One of my favourite drink at Cafe Cartel is their Dreamy White Chocolate Latte. As for food, I would prefer their club sandwiches and St Louis Pork Ribs. They have different promotion for each day. If you have not tried Cafe Cartel, you may visit any of their outlets one of these days.

Name: Cafe Cartel
Credit Cards Promotion(Limited Time): 15% for citibank cards holder and 10% for UOB members

Rating: Overall 3.5 stars.

1 comment:

vincent said...

Cafe Cartel is recommended if you can overlook the slow and incompetent service.