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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cheap Parking Charges In Orchard On Weekdays

Here are some of the information consolidated for the parking charges that are considered to be cheap on weekdays in Orchard.

Mondays-Fridays before 5/6pm
-Orchard Towers
$3.50 for 1st 2 hours, $6.80 (max cap) for parking

- The Cathay
$1.00/hr (From 10am -9.59pm)

- Wheelock Open Space Carpark
$0.50/ half an hour

- Centrepoint
$1.00 for 1st hour, $1.20 subsequent 1/2hour

- Le Meridien

- Plaza Singapura
1st hr free parking(10am -6pm)
$1.05 for 2nd hr
$0.30 subsequent 15 mins

Most of the carparks in orchard are quite expensive on weekdays especially before 5/6pm. The above are the shortlisted carparks that are considered to be "Cheap" on weekdays.

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