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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Singapore Money Changers With Better Exchange Rates

Here are some of the information that I gathered from my friends. Here are the picks for Best Singapore Money Changers.

1) Rabi Trading
304 Orchard Rd #01-37 Lucky Plaza
Telephone: (65) 6738 5268

Verdict: The boss, Mr Rabi is quite a friendly and funny guy. A lot of air crew members like to exchange currencies here.

2) Parkway Parade Shopping Centre
(The stretch of money changers near the man made fountain)

Verdict: There are quite a number of money changers at Parkway Parade hence they are being force by competition. Rates are quite bargainable.

3) ARJ Money Changer
21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 #04-07 Lot 1 Shoppers' Mall
Telephone: (65) 6765 2295

Verdict: This Money Changer used to be at basement. One of the Money Changers that is voted for good exchange rate but they do not have very good customer's services.

4) Golden Mile Complex

Verdict: Another place forced by competition, you can enquire and check out which one offer the best rates.

***Opinions expressed here are based on the information collected and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of companies. :)


Anonymous said...

your number for ARJ money changer is wrong.
It should be 67652295

Happyrainz said...

Oh, Thanks for updating me. I have updated the changes. :)

Anonymous said...

Heyy the address for the ARJ money changer is now located at #04-07 LOT 1 Shoppers Mall which is next to chua chu kang mrt station now located in forth floor.
It gives very good rates compared to other money changers that i know of n they have the best customer service and the staffs are kind.
Their services are just like those in the banks, safe n convenient.
and also your verdict is wrong, please do change the comment immediately.
My friends also told me that they are doing good service with better exchange rate in suburban area.
Thank You.

Happyrainz said...

Hi anonymous, thanks for updating. The verdict expressed are based on the information collected and is not representing any companies.

Anonymous said...

I just called ARJ and an indian man answered. I asked: i wanna buy HKD how much exchange rate. He replied very fast and with his fluent i can't really catch it till he hang up. He's saying HK dollar duno lar hang up. Service good? hmm....

jlow said...

Yap, the indian man did the same to me, I asked for Japanese yen rate, he say don't know and hang up, but he pick up the phone again to dail out, so I asked again, guess what he say to me, he said 'I don't know, you hang up lah' 2 times then hang up again when I didn't hang up. rather RUDE don't you think.

jlow said...

yap, the indian man did the same to me when i asked for japanese yen rate, he told me 'I don't know' and hung up, but picked up the phone immediately to dail out, so I asked him again what the rate was, guess what he told me, he said 'I don't know lah, can you hang up' 2 times before he hung up on me again. rather RUDE don't you think.

Stanly said...

ARJ at Lot 1 Choa Chu Kang does not have good rates for Indonesia Rupiah.. SGD$1 to RP$6830.. whereas Lucky Plaza is RP$8900..
$1 lose $0.20, $100 Lose $20..
$1000 Lost $200.

Anonymous said...

ARJ's rate isn't too competitive. Rabi trading is indeed higher. I tried it on 3 occasions. Also the staff at Rabi is so much more polite, compared to staff at ARJ.
Just sharing my personal experiences.

Anonymous said...

Received one counterfeit 20-pound note June 2012 (check the watermark)... the guy had asked me to step aside to count notes at that time.

Anonymous said...

ARJ @ Lot One definitely on my blacklist as they are RUDE and dishonest! Disgusted by their attitude even though their rate was higher