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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Crystal Jade Group ( Crystal Jade Kitchen)

Chef Recommendation: Deep Fried Roast Chicken (Half Chicken at $13)
Toasted Bread with milk and butter

Roast Duck Noodle Chicken With Dan Dan Mee
Crystal Jade is established in Singapore in 1991. They are always well known for their roast sets and noodles. With its mission of providing superior service & quality cuisine, crystal jade open one branch after another into other countries like China, Hongkong, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Japan.

Name: Crystal Jade Group
Customer Service Hotline : 6512 0800
Recommendation: Shrimp paste chicken, Wanton Mee, Roast Duck, Deep Fried Roast Chicken

Overall Rating: 4 stars

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