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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gotham Penthouse

Gotham Penthouse is located at Clarke Quay. I just went to check out this night club together with my girlfriends. We heard that this club offer live entertainment that was "RAW" enough to get the girls screaming. This beautifully designed 7500 sq ft venue houses an array of visual delights and an elective style of music with entertainment unique to Singapore. Just like other clubs, this place also have pool table, private bar, a quieter place at the Merlot Lounge.

Name: Gotham Penthouse
Address: 3A River Valley Road,#03-01 Clarke Quay,Singapore 179020
Tel: 6339 5595
Opening hours:Mon - Sat (9pm to 5 am)
Mostly live performances on 3 different time slots.
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Gotham Penthouse (The quieter side)

This is a shot of me taken at the toilet with my lousy cam phone(They have a spa lookalike toilet)
Ladies Toilet

I was hoping to get more information on the live performances before we decided to settle down at Gotham. By looking at the posters they pasted on the wall, it mentioned "Exotic Dances by Johansburg Dancers". Well, the word "exotic" can mean differently. I checked out with the lady at the counter, she also vaguely explained the performance and I was waiting for her to say the word "Strip Dancing", but she did not mention anything like this. So, I decided to call my friends and check out whether I have came to the right place. Well, We came to the right place but my friend told me they do not have strip dancing shows every day. Not knowing where to go, we decided to head into Gotham.

We missed the first performance and the second performance started around 12.30am. Oh my god! The first guy came out wearing fire engine uniform carrying a fire hose. It really get the girls screaming high!!! How I wish i can record down the whole show. He strip himself sexily and bring out a bottle of mineral water and pour it over from his head. Again! he got the people screamed! He ended his performance revealing his butt and he was wearing a g-string. However, after his performance, the whole show was more focus on dancing already. Not too bad but we thought it can be more exposed! hahaha! It kind of didn't really get us high after that but perhaps because this place is in singapore and the rules are stricter here. They guys performing were quite handsome too. :)

So, if you want to explore a different club, check out this place.

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