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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Charles & Keith /Pedro Men Warehouse Sales (27 Nov - 30Nov 08)

Charles & Keith /Pedro Men Warehouse Sale up to 70% OFF. The sales will start from 27 Nov -30Nov, Everyday from 10am-8pm. 27 November is exclusively for members only and the rest of the 2 days will be open for public. So, have you got a new pair of shoes to match your christmas outfit this year? I am sure you can pick up some great buys. :)

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Anonymous said...

HI, can i ask if there's any dresscode to the prominent clubs in singapore? Ive heard of zouk, arena, mos, butterfactory, doubleO. Shorts allowed for guys? and open toe shoes,heels/sandals (the glam kind but of cos) allowed for girls? thank you!

cactus79 said...

hi there,
this is my first time browsed ur blog. found it accidentally.
yes, i went to the warehouse sale on 27-11-08. It was sooooo crowded!! all the ladies were so crazy to search for their bargain. I managed to get one bag @ $25 and a pair of shoe@ $13.
I dun think the 27th was meant for the member only, coz no one demanded to see our membership card at all!!!
Hmm...while i was shopping there, i wondering if there is a recession going on in our country? I think the real recession will only happend if woman stop spending!!! LOL, just kidding...
What about yourself? managed to get anything u like?

Happyrainz said...

Hi Anonymous, it is best that you check the dresscode before going into any clubs in singapore as most of the clubs DO NOT allow the guys to wear shorts in. As for ladies, you do not need to worry so much as there isn't much restrictions on the dresscode, they are allow to wear open toes shoes or even sexy hot pants. :)

Happyrainz said...

Wow! I didn't go to their warehouse sales. $13 for a pair is really cheap. Instead, I went over to sintext sales at Jurong over the weekend to buy some pillows and bedsheets. It was pretty cheap, about $38 for queen sizes bedsheets with quilt cover, 300thread count and single bedsheet start from around $9.90. Hee2! :)