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Monday, December 1, 2008

Bysi Warehouse Sales from 5 dec to 8 dec 2008

Here is another update on warehouse sales. BYSI is having its year end warehouse sales from 5 dec to 8 december. Their items are going to start from $6 onwards. I think office ladies can replenish their wardrobe with the cheap buys over the weekend. :)

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Anonymous said...

i was the one who left the clubbing commen in your last entry. can i just check right, open toe shoes includes sandals for ladies? and btw, i know now mambo allows like berms for guys right? how many songs are there for mambo and there is ONE dance for EVERY single song on mambo night? what exactly do people do when they say they're going to mambo? thanks for answring. really appreciate!

Happyrainz said...

Hi Anonymous, for ladies, there isn't any problem wearing sandals. I know guys can wear bermudas to zouk but not velvet. Zouk age limit is 18 for guys and 23 for velvet. I don't really quite understand what do you mean by one dance for every single song. Normally, when it comes to dancing in club, there is no restriction how you want to dance and nobody will expect you to dance like a professional dancer. As long as you think and feel comfortable with the way you dance, it is fine. Just let your hair down and move your body with the beat. :) Most of the people you see will either dance, drink and play guessing games(like you lose, you drink, haha). It is also common that other guys or gals will come and talk to you especially if you are going with a group of gals or boys. It will be good if you know how to protect yourself but not too worry if it is your first time to places like these. Just enjoy and have fun. You can check out my entry on zouk at this PAGE