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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chalk Restaurant At Mount Sophia Road

Duck Confit ($31)
Escargot ($13)

Suprema 12 Inch Pizza ($19)

Lamb Rack ($35) Ribeye Steak ($33)
Outdoor Dining (great view of orchard behind)
( Scary?)

Here is a new hangout place that i found out recently. It is at Mount Sophia Road, just directly behind Plaza Singapura. This restaurant, Chalk is located inside this creative hub( Old school) was formerly a methodist girls school. Chalk was just opened barely for less than a month and is starting to attract some crowds. I am sure this place still need time to attract more people, it also reminded me the olden days of Demsey Road where there isn't many people. Other than that, this place have some art related businesses and gallery space.

Name: Chalk
Address: 11 Mount Sophia Road, #01-03
Tel: 6883-2120
Rating: 4 stars out of 5.

Initially, we wanted to go the restaurant which is directly opposite Chalk but the attitude and service of one the staffs really turned me off and her customer services was really bad. We asked for a table for 4 and this was what happened.

She rudely asked us "Did you make any reservation?"
We replied "No".
She replied, "Huh?? Do you know we do not have any seats available until 9.30 pm?"
I asked her again, "There are still so many seats available, can you just try to get us a table for 4 or may be you can just help us to check what time those people will be coming in?"
She impatiently replied and rolled her eyes at us, "This place is very popular, if you don't make any reservation, we will not have any tables for you."

Hello, what kind of attitude is this? She think i have no money to eat? She did not even bother to check her list before replying us. Straight away, i just tell my friends to dine at Chalk Restaurant. Anyway, Chalk restaurant looks much nicer and classy than this place.

The moment we stepped into Chalk Restaurant, we were greeted and welcomed by the friendly staffs. There is an indoor and an outdoor dining. The outdoor dining offers view of orchard road and the look and feel of the restaurant is very comfortable. The staff served each of us a glass of champage(drink of the day) first and also patiently explained the menu to us. We are also able to look into the kitchen from where we were seated. I was quite surprised when i found out that the chef was a young english lady and she is also the wife of the manager.

What I loved the most about their food was their bread. You will be served with different types of bread before the main course. We ordered a few to try. Escargot, Ribeye Steak, Duck confit, lamb rack and suprema 12 Pizza. All the food we tried were quite nice except escargot was abit salty. i specially like duck confit and ribeye steak the most.

Guess what? The total bill was only $131 for so much food and please do not worry that the portion will be small, even though it looks like a fine dining restaurant. Beside that, they did not charge us the champagne and service charge. I was wondering if it was because my boyfriend happened to know the manager. Hehehe... :)

Overall, it was a nice experience at Chalk. It is a good place for chit chatting with your friend or if you are planning for a romantic dining with your girlfriend, but yet is a little bit tight on the budget, try this restaurant.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was looking/surfing for a nice restaurant to take my friend out for b-day and I chanced upon this site. We went over and indeed, the food was great and the staff there - friendly & helpful. Food portion & prices are reasonable. Had a great time :) Thanks for your recommendation.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, what's with restaurants in Singapore and reservations?

The number of times I've shown up at a restaurant that was nearly empty and had some doe-eyed wait staff ask me if I had a reservation is just comical.