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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Thoughts

The death of the five singaporeans dragon boat rowers left alot of people tears and sorrow. When i knew the news of the missing five dragon boat rowers, my heart sank. I was thinking if there are really hope for them. I was praying hard for them just hoping for that miracle but it did not happen. This tragedy not only saddened the Singaporeans but also the people in Cambodia. If they are wearing life jacket, things could have turn out differently. I believed this has taught alot of people about the safety measures for any form of sports. It is always the case that if such things don't happen, people just take it for granted. Likewise for myself too. Everytime when such cases happened, i start to ponder about the meaning of life. Life is really short and unpredictable.

Whenever i think of death, i think of the people around me. I am glad that i am being loved by alot of people around me. If you are reading this post, start to think of your love ones, friends and the happy moments you enjoyed.. Do you have any friends/love ones you quarrelled? Do you hate them? Do you want them to die? Erase the hatred if you have. Open up your heart and love the people around you. Start saying "thank you", "I appreciate that" , "I love you"... It brightened up your day and theirs.

The world is beautiful. It lies in our heart, mind and soul......

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