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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Honjin Japanese Restaurant

If you are craving for cheap japanese buffet, this maybe a right place for you. Offering 60 over dfferent dishes. Honjin lets you enjoy a 1 for 1 deal when you make payment with your UOB Credit cards or 15% discount when you use Amex. This restaurant occupies 2 floor and have private dining rooms.

Name: Honjin Japanese Restaurant
Address: 140 Robinson Road, Chow House #01-00
Telephone: 6222 2243
Price: $54++ adults, $18++ Child (Dinner)
Operating Hours: 6pm- 11pm, 11am-3pm

Dishes that I like: Octopus Sashimi, Fried Beef, Chicken wings, Unagi. Decor of the place seems to be a bit old but yet retained its traditional style. Honjin serves more on the "quantity" rather than the "quality". Improvement can be given on the Tempura, Chawamushi, Softshell crabs and the cutting skill of the Sashimi.

Overall, I would rate 2.5 stars on food and 3 stars on decor.

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Danny Riddell said...

Itadakimasu! This Japanese restaurant has the all seafood that I love, including prawns, octopus and crabs. I used to be allergic to seafood, but then I couldn't resist, and every time I ate, the itchiness lessened. I believe I am immune to them now.