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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hainanese Delight

Here is a cheap found where you can enjoy nice food in an airconditioner area in Cityhall. Everything are priced so cheap. This authentic Hainanese restaurant is located opposite St Andrew's Cathedral church, some where beside breadtalk and the gramophone. This place look like a kopitiam with aircon but to find this kind of place in cityhall is quite rare. :)

It was my first time here and I specially like their Chicken rice. The rest are just quite normal to me. Those of you who want to look out for cheap haunt and nice authentic chicken rice can try this Hainanese Delight at stamford road. Anyway, this place is free from GST and service charge. :)

Name: Hainanese Delight
Address: 11 Stamford Road #01-05 Capitol Building
Rating: 3stars out of 5 for food

House Special Pork Chop (I don't really like this dish, too dry)


Zhou Wenhan said...

Hi hi,

I am in the process of building my website and I am wondering if there are any places where resturant reviews like this are aggregated.

On my website, I have tagged your review with the location of Hainanese Delight so people can find it easily. I am wondering if a site just for reviews like this would work.

Would you submit your reviews to a site like this?

Zhou Wenhan said...

Hi Happy, thanks for the feedback and compliments.

Right now there is no edit link function. Mainly to prevent a bait and switch used by spammers.

You can give me the link and I will edit for you.