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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Holiday Inn Atrium Wedding Show 2008

I just attended a wedding show at Holiday Inn Atrium. I would say the perks they are offering are quite attractive.

Additional perks like:
- $2500 rebate for those who signed up on the wedding show
- Free flow of beer
- Waiver of corkage charge for duty paid and sealed hard liquor
- Complimentary food tasting for 10 persons.

1 table is $788nett for weekend / $688 nett for weekdays (Price for 2009)

Although they do not have complimentary wine per confirmed table, I still find it quite worth it because $2500 is considered better than giving away free wine per confirmed table(after my own calculation). The friendly wedding coordinator was willing to have the corkage charge waived for wines that I brought in for the actual day, which mean if I have 40 tables confirmed, I can bring in my own 40 bottles of wines free of corkage. After that any additional bottles will have corkage charges. If you buy from the hotel, it would be at $21.35 per bottle.

Food was prepared by Hong Kong Chefs from Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant. The food was quite nice when i tried at the wedding show but I am not sure about if the standard remains the same on the actual day. Best of all, their food menu include abalone.

I wanted very much to confirm the wedding banquet with them but my wedding may exceed 46 tables so it can be a big risk to us. For those of you who have less than 46 tables may consider them if you only have a budget of around $800 especially year 2009, finding a good hotel around this price is quite tough. :)


Here are some of the pictures taken at the wedding show. Pardon me for my bad shooting skill!


Crystal said...

hi.. just wondering during the wedding show, did they show you the rooms?

Happyrainz said...

Hi crystal, i didn't get to see the rooms. :)