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Monday, March 24, 2008

Batam Trip at KTM Resort

Finally, I am back to Singapore! As I expected, the rooms did not turn out to be fantastic, but the sea view from the villa was great!

Upon arrival at batam on the 21st March, we were picked up by their bus. KTM Resort was situated about 5 minutes car ride from the jetty. On our 1st day, we were checked into 1 standard stilt and 1 family cottage. To our astonishment, the standard stilt room really cannot make it!!! I swear it was horrible!! I didn't take the pictures of the standard room because all of us were too shocked when we saw the room. Anyway for that night, all of us bunked into the family cottage. The ventilation for the standard stilt was bad, if you are thinking of booking their standard stilt room the next time, I would strongly advise you to pay more and get the beachfront cottage. To our understanding, standard stilt room was meant for the elderly and their staffs to stay there. It was not built on wood, the floor was ceramic tiles, toilet lock was rusty, it looks worse than staying in a 1 room flat in singapore! The whole concept was bad and rubbish!

Whereas, family cottage was very different. There is a living room, pantry and 2 rooms. It was well equipped with refrigerator, flask, stoves and pots. It seems fine to us, just that walking to the restaurant was quite a distance away.

If your purpose of the trip is just to find a good spa, but budget constrain, you may try KTM Resort. They have excellent spa, but PLEASE remember to select either the beachfront or family room if you are staying there. (However, do note that it is not going to be like 5 stars standard resort) You will regret for sure if you choose their standard room!

Family Cottage A2

Antique Chairs (Scary sia!)

The Other side of the Living Room

One of the Rooms


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