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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Parking In Orchard Area Will Cost You More Now

For those people who are staying in Singapore should know that parking in orchard can be a killing. Parking Fees have gone up at 18 out of 20 malls.

A 3 Hours Shopping Spree can cost your parking charges to be this much.

Note: Charges calculated here are from 11am-2pm

My suggestions to drivers is to park either at Plaza Singapura and walk down or parking at the open space carpark may save a bit for the charges. The best solution is to take train to Orchard and you save the hassle of parking charges.


Coriander Dreams said...

Big difference in price! Wow! I wonder how much it will be in a few years!


Rainnidae said...

I believed the price will only go up not down....