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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Batam Spa Villa

These are some of the pictures taken at Batam Spa Villa. Here is my personal feedback about them...... I felt very welcomed by them upon arrival and their customer service were very good. The Masseuse that did the massage for me was professional and skillful. Batam Spa Villa was just opened for a year, so in terms of overall setting, this place is still very new and clean.

What is there to hype about this place? Hmmm, I got to enjoy hydrotherapy bath with the sea view and breeze. Soothing music was plugged in with the sound of waves when I was enjoying the whole process. Ginger Tea was served to warm my body after the massage. Two words, "Shiok lah!"

Well, most likely the next time i go Batam, I will just either choose to stay at Harris Resort or Hotels in Town because I really do not like their rooms and arrange a 3 hour spa treatment at Batam Spa Villa since I find it really okay. Anyway, I was told transport could be arranged if you are interested to visit their spa from other hotels. Advance Booking should be made to avoid any disappointment!

Tel: (65) 63530282
Fax: (65) 62534573

This is the Sea View you will be enjoying

Outside The Spa

Our Spa Room

Jacuzzi Bath Tub

Outside The Spa


Anonymous said...

Just went to Spa Villa for the first experience of the "wonderful" spa and most people who had went there claimed (googled about the spa at Spa villa).

My personal experience and comments (plus my guy's as well):

The location looked very rundown and kampong. Not that well maintained. The towels used looked very old and not exactly very clean, but usable. The body and face liquid soap provided was in a broken dispenser, with a dead baby roach in it.

The view from the spa rooms were nice. The jacuzzi pool was nice, but not the greenish swimming pool located right at the mouth of the entrance to Spa Villa. The room for massage was okay and occassional cold water was served -- more like the Balinese style as some commenter had mentioned.

The masseuses were generally okay, but not very professional: They like to chit chat a little here and there in the midst of the treatment.

Not much sea waves sound. No treatment music. No spa kinda nice smelling sensation when you enter the area. Foot spa as mentioned is just soaking your feet in warm water and rubbing it with salt.

The worst part of the experience is THE HEAT!! There's only 2 miserable small ceiling fans available and the heat was extremely unbearable, making it feel like spa from hell.

The people there are very friendly and kind though.


Rating: 2/10
Too pricey a place for such experience. Money not well spent.


Happyrainz said...

Oopss.. It seems like you have a very bad experience with them. As mentioned in my previous posts, I agreed with you on the run down resorts. I was well prepared for that when I saw the pictures, hence wasn't too disappointing. However, my experience with the spa was kind of great because the masseues was quite professional and kept mum throughout the process. Maybe we were lucky?? hahaa

Anonymous said...

I kinda agreed with Anonymous. I went there a few months back with my cousin and aunt.

The jacuzzi was nice and the massage was alright, but the place could have been better maintained. We had wanted to take a dip in the pool but was dismayed at the condition. There was even a dead "fried" toad by the pool! We had to ask the hotel staff to remove it cos we couldn't stand the sight of it.

We also went for manicure/pedicure but it was a disappointment. They didn't have the skills. My cousin spent a long time there guiding the manicurist on how to get it right.

The cafe ambience was also less than satisfactory. While the service was ok, the setting was basic, almost kampong-like.

Anonymous said...

I'm going batam on 23feb.. anywhr nice to rcmd? I'm going to be staying at Harris.. =)

Happyrainz said...

Hi Jinlover, if you are going to Harris Resort. I would recommend you to try the Cable Ski which is just outside Harris. Although I haven't try their cable ski but i heard from my friend that it is cheaper than Singapore.

You can go to their well known Polo Factory which the tour guide mentioned that it was "authentic" but whether is it true, I am not so sure, but I bought a cap from there.:)

I don't really fancy the shopping over there but If you are looking for better shopping centres, you can check out Megamall or Batam City square.

If you are shopping in the town, you can also check out their massaging service. it is priced around $20 for 2 hour. Most of it do not have private rooms but just curtains, very similar to those you find in Bangkok. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi babe,

I'm back from Batam!
Harris was ok but it was undergoing upgrade for a new block whn I got thr.. was a lil' disappointed coz it was quite noisy and dusty. Service overall was good. It was funny how when we din't need their assistance, they were everywhere near you and when you finally thought you could do with some help, they disappear! Not 1 person in sight! hahaa..

Anyway, they've got the cabana rooms for couples, newly built, away from the main building and looking at e sea but seriously.. nth much of a view. It's a new concept which was rather nice but we chose to stay at the normal rooms upstairs e lobby coz we were plain lazy.. least walking from room to lobby-restuarant-pickup pt. >.<
U've got to walk to the recreation block which has no shelter from the rain and it's a resort so don't expect much air-conditioning.. it can get q humid at times. The block has snooker, bowling, squash, ping-pong and function rooms which MNCs actually go thr to hold meetings. The Spa was right on the top floor of that recreational building! The swimming pool was nice though.. relaxing and breezy.
I'd say that the spa price was pricy coz everything in Harris is charged in SGD! so food was also quite pricy including snacks.. a can of milo from e provision shop cost SGD2.50!

The Spa I had was included in e package, a relaxing 3hour spa. It's built in an atap house style. Lots of wood and leaves. Simple and easy on the eyes. There's a fan juz above e beds so you won't feel hot. If the breeze comes in, it can get q cold in fact.
They start off with a body scrub(45mins) thn shower off(15mins). Massage- Javanese style(90mins). Aromatherapy bubblebath soak (30mins). All these are done in the same room as your other half.

As for the cable ski.. seriously, I'll skip it.. the look of the water is like OMG! >.<" we went to Tagoya town. Din't manage to go to megamall or Batam city Square. Probably will go check it out on the next round. Taxi fees from the hotel are all in sgd and freaking ex. Maybe going Jakarta might be nicer..

Expect - lots of potholes when travelling on the roads.