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Friday, April 25, 2008

How To Save Money $$$ On Weekends

Want more ideas on what to do over the weekend? Women always blame the guys for no romance, no ideas of where to go, what to eat and many many more. Well, although I am a woman, I sometimes do think that woman can be fussy in their own ways because I am also like this. Hahaha...

Here are some ideas for you to save $$$ when you are having a date with your gorgeous lady.

- Sick of having dinner at restaurant? how about have a romantic dinner at a beach?
It will just cost $10 for both of you to have dinner at a beach. Buy burgers or western food and drive into sentosa. Plug in some soothing music and have your food inside the car. If your car have those special table top behind, it would be even better. After that, stroll along the beach and tell the woman how much you love her.

- Prepare a beach mat and a bottle of wine with 2 wine glasses.
Lying under the sky and enjoy a bottle of red wine together is actually very relaxing and a heavenly treat. (Please remember to bring your wine glasses, don't expect it to be romantic when you drink from the bottle).

- Bake or Cook together with your love ones
Baking or cooking together can be a fun thing. Even though you do not know how to cook, it doesn't matter. Both of you can simply pick a recipe and learn together. The man can prepare the ingredients while the woman will do the cooking.

- Watch DVDs with your woman at home
Instead of going to cinema on weekdays, how about renting some DVDs and watch together at home.

- Do Sports like badminton, tennis or squash together
Doing sports together is good for your health and body. Most importantly, all these sports does not cost much.

There are actually 101 tips to save money on weekends. The above provided are my most frequently used methods. Enjoy!

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