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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ten Dollar Club

Karaoke lover have new venue for their singing urge. You have tried Party World and Kbox, how about Ten Dollar Club? Just like their name, they only charge $10++ per person with a FREE BOWL OF SHARKFINS. That sound pretty interesting right? Why not consider them for your next singing session?

Name: Ten Dollar Club
Address: 31A to 35A Smith Street (Chinatown)
3rd Flr Singapore 058945
Telephone: 6225 1231, 6225 1547
Fax: 6323 0771
Operating Hours: 2am-2pm
Overall, I think their KTV promotion is quite attractive.


Baby'ExiT said...

must we need any member to enter like safra or we can just enter without anything

Happyrainz said...

No need.It is just like party world and kbox. Anyway go for their promotion package, it is more worth it.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, got updated range of both english and chinese songs? and need to book is it?

Happyrainz said...

I am not sure if they have updated their songs because it has been quite a while since i last visited them. I would advice you to make a booking before you go down because this place is always fully booked.