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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

BreadTalk Singapore

I am quite sure that almost everyone know or have tried Breadtalk. Why am I still talking about Breadtalk when it is commonly available? It was because of their promotion after 9.30pm. Breadtalk do not keep their breads until the next day as they believe in freshness and quality. I personally feel that for bakeries businesses to be successful, they have to provide ultimate freshness for their bread. Breads turn stiff and dry the next day, hence it will not taste as good as it supposed to be.

Name: BreadTalk Group Ltd
Address: Too many branches to be listed out.
Good Deals: Buy 5 Breads at $6 or Buy 10 Breads at $10 after 9.30pm

Buying 10 breads at one go maybe too much for many people and this is what I normally do, I would turn behind or ask the person standing infront of me if they want to pay together. If they are buying 5 breads, I would ask if they want to combine and pay together. Most of the people would be happy to say "YES". Why? Each of you would save $1 which means $2 in a total. Who doesn't want to benefit from cheap deals like this?

So, the next time when you buy breads from breadtalk after 9.30pm, try to ask the people who stand behind or infront of you. Hahaha...

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