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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hotels Reservation to France -

If you are going to France the next time, you may like to visit Nice. Nice is a magnificent town located south of France. It is also the second largest city in France. There are so many things that you can do or visit in Nice. Places that are worth the walk will be Castle Hill where you can get an overview of the city. Cours Selaya, a open air market that features flowers, food, coffee aroma and live fowl. Musee Matisse, being surrounded by olive garden where you can see large collection of paints. Avenue Jean Medecin, a popular street for shoppings and its outdoor cafes. There are too many great places to be named in Nice. You will know it when you visit Nice.

How about hotels near those tourist attractions? In Nice, there are many good selections of hotels to choose. Visit Nice Hotels for hotels discounts up to 80%.

If you are thinking of visiting other cities like Amsterdam or Barcelona, you can also check out these two links Amsterdam Hotels and Barcelona Hotels.

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