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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Food That Causes Cancer

There are many news banning certain food off the shelves in Singapore. One of my favourite food is Maling Luncheon Meat. Tinned meat has been hard to obtain since AVA suspended all the imports from the 2 china factories. In all these products, the AVA has found traces of nitrofurans, a banned antibiotic fed to pigs to treat illnesses. Best of all, the banned of this canned food has cause the price of similar product to rise. (Sigh.....) My house still have 3 cans of Maling Luncheon Meat and my mother has been hesitating to throw away.

Another of my favourite is Pringles BBQ Flavored Potato Chips. I know eating chips is very unhealthy but it seems like i can't stop myself from popping into chips. It was found to contain cancer causing substance. Some industry people say the stocks in China maybe fake Pringles Potato Chips. Anyway, I shall just ban myself from eating this brand but will not stop eating other brands like Lays and Ruffles. Hahaha!

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