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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ho Chi Minh City - Cho Ben Thanh Market

This statue is located directly opposite Ben Thanh Market (at the roundabout)

Ben Thanh Market is one of the famous tourist attractions in Saigon. It is loaded with varieties of goods like t shirts, shorts, beaded hand bags, shoes, lacquerware, flowers, coffee powder, fruits & vegetables etc.

What I liked the most about Ben Thanh Market are those exquisite lacquerwares. Be sure to compare the prices before you decide to buy because there are just SO MANY over there and it is very competitive for them. Make sure you BARGAIN REALLY HARD.... If the price is not right, just walk away because the stall vendors may just lower the price again and you could probably find the same one at the next store.

T shirts are mostly around 25,000 -45,000 VND. I bought a few for my friends at 31,000(Approx $2 plus SGD) at those road side fixed price stores. Since it was already so cheap, I was too lazy to bargain with those vendors. :) Most of the t shirts are those related to vietnam such as "Good Morning Vietnam" or with vietnam flag. A good buy for souvenirs.

If you are those that would not mind to buy counterfeit goods such as addidas, nike.. Ben Thanh Market have a lot!!!

Somehow, I feel Beh Thanh Market is a little bit similar to the Chatuchak in Bangkok, but Chatuchak definitely have 100 times nicer clothes and things over there.

The things that I bought in Cho Ben Thanh Market are their egg shells painting, 2 sets of children ao dai (approx $6.50 - $7 Sgd, depending on the sizes) and coasters.

Do watch out for your bags and wallets as this place can get crowded at times. Beware of pick pockets.

Name of this place: Ben Thanh Market

Address: Le Loi Boulevard, District 1, (At the junction of Ham Nghi, Le Loi and Tran Hung Dao)

Opening Hours: 6:00am to 7:00pm daily... (Night markets will be set up along the road after 7pm)

Special Cocoction for your whiskey

The Things In Ben Thanh Market

Lacquerwares, painting everywhere
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Puff said...

hi there,

was reading your post abt Ben Thanh Market. did you by any chance come across any stalls in Ben Thanh Market that sell beads? like semi precious stones?

Happyrainz said...

I saw beaded necklaces but I am not so sure if they just sell beads alone. :)