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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ho Chin Minh City - Pho 24

We rested for a while at the hotel after checked in. The first thing that we do is to find our way to Pham Ngo Lao Street (Backpacker St) because the nearest Sinhcafe was just located there. Both of us were kind of blurred with the road signs there cause almost all were spelt in vietnamese. We took quite a hard time to reach there, asking around more than 5 people about the right direction. The worst problem that we had was the right pronunciation of the road and the lucky thing is we have the map so we just point and they direct us. Communication was also abit of problem for us because quite a number of them don't really speak or understand good english.

Finally, we reached Sinhcafe. There were many people from all over the countries. Business seem to be extremely good for them. In my next post, i will explain more on the package we got. After some discussion, we decided to opt for the half day ho chi minh city tour plus the half day cuchi tunnel tour for the next day. We paid extra 25,000dong for the bus pick up and drop off service at our hotel too.

In Vietnam, the MUST TRY FOOD is PHO. Hence, we decided to proceed the well raved pho, Pho 24. Since there was a discount coupon at the map given from the airport staff, we used it. This was the first proper meal that I had in Ho Chin Minh. I was extremely hungry!!! We ordered a large mixed bowl (beef & chicken), a large beef bowl(same as mixed bowl, except the ingredients were beef), Beef Balls & Spring rolls. Well, that was what they have in the afternoon, i wanted to order their broken rice but they say they don't have. :)

I can't really remember how much was the damage but i remembered most of the food prices are like 15,000, 25,000, 35,000 and the most expensive that we had was the large mixed bowl that cost around 45,000-55,000.

Anyway, Pho 24 can be found almost everywhere in Ho Chin Minh. They have many outlets. :)

Name: Pho 24


Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5 (Cheap & Good Food Fare)

Crispy and Yummy Spring Rolls

Few miserable beef balls cut into half (very very small portion)

Large Mixed Bowl (YUMMY!)

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