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Monday, January 5, 2009

My Stay with Lavender Hotel at Ho Chin Minh

I reached the hotel around 10am but i was not allowed to check in because my room was not ready yet. I decided to explore the hotel and enjoy a cup of coffee at their saigon view restaurant & bar since my room will be available in less than an hour time.

Lavender Hotel was opened since May 2008. Although it was a small 3 stars hotel but I would say everything was new and stylish. The staffs were helpful and friendly. In fact, I would give them an overall 4.5 stars for their excellent service.

Just like its name, many things were in purple and you will see lavender flowers all around. Even inside your room or bathroom. What I liked the most about their Lobby is the two purple chairs below. I think it is unique and cute.

On the other side, they have cool and comfy european style sofas. Christmas decor outside since it was christmas season. :)

This is the picture that I took at the saigon view restaurant, located at 8th floor. Diners can enjoy paranomic view because of the outdoor dining area that they have.

This is Ben Thanh Market. I can oversee the whole of Ben Thanh Market at the restaurant. Lavender Hotel is just located across Ben Thanh Market and it is only 2 minutes walk from the hotel.

At around 10.40, we finally checked into our 5 days 4 nights home. Wow! It was spick and span. Although this was a smoking room, it still smell good. I am glad there was a small window because some of the 3 stars hotel in Saigon do not have windows. The standard room that I am staying was small but comfy enough for the 2 of us.

The Tv Console area. There was a mini bar, fridge,tea making facilities. 2 Bottles of complimentary drinking water everyday. They have almost everything that was needed in a hotel including a Safe Deposit Box.

You can tell how small it was but both of us were quite fine with it because the positive points have already covered the flaws found.

You do not need to worry that the TV Channels are boring. They have many channels, it was just like our SCV. They have HBO,Discovery Channels, Hongkong Serial, Chinese,Hindi. I am sure it will definitely be enough for you to watch.

There was nothing special about the bathroom but it was at least modernly equipped to meet our needs. What I liked the most about their bathroom was the electronic weighing scale inside. I used it to measure the weight of my luggage so that it won't exceed the luggage weight requirement. I think this is quite thoughtful of the hotel to think of that.

You will be given chocolates and a card every night around 8pm. The card will indicate "Have a sweet lavender dream". How sweet they are! Another thing that I liked about this hotel is their tied up service with Vinasun taxi. Vinasun taxi was the more realiable source of taxi in Vietnam and there will be a lady in Vinasun uniform standing just outside the hotel. Hence, everytime when you need a taxi, you just need to inform the hotel staff and they will assist you in calling a cab.

During the time upon check in, I actually left my addidas jacket at the restaurant. However, the jacket was brought to me by the restaurant manager personally after 10 minutes without even knowing I left the jacket there. I think that is a thing that it is worth mentioning about their service.

Overall, I would give 4.5 stars for this 3 stars hotel in saigon. :)

Name: Lavender Hotel
Address: 208-210 Le Thanh Ton Ben Thanh Ward Dist 1 HCMC
Tel: (84 8) 2222 8888, 2220 2120
Fax: (84 8) 2220 2121

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Niz said...

Wow! That was an awesome customer service U received. I'm sure to check out Lavender Hotel the next time I visit HCM. I love how it is located so near to Ben Thanh market!! :D Thanx for the info... ;)

Johnny Ong said...

yr camera is superb .... it shakes right at the centre of the picture only haha

Happyrainz said...

Haha.. Pardon me for my very bad photography skills. :)

bedokboy said...

Hi, read your review on tripadvisor..and now on your blog.
From your +ve comments, seems like u had great fun there.

I am thinking of headg HCMC in 2 weeks time.. prob looking at Lavender hotel as well. Single traveller... so appreciate your feedback given so far :)

Cheers mate!

bedokboy said...


Thanks for your +ve comments. Seems like you had fun there.

I am prob headg HCMC alone in 2 weeks time. May stay at lavender hotel after reading your comments in Tripadvisor and your blog.

Thanks mate:)