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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tutti Frutti Yogurt Saigon

If you would like to take a break after your shopping at Ben Thanh Market, you can cross over the road and head towards Tutti Frutti Yogurt Store. I am not quite sure it is opposite which gates of Ben Thanh Market, but their store is quite colorful and prominent.

This frozen yogurt store have so many flavors to choose, you decide the toppings, flavors and how much you want to eat and pay at the cashier. It wasn't really cheap or expensive, but if you are comparing with singapore, it is definitely cheaper. They do not charge by the cup size, they will charge by gram. If i don't remember wrongly, 100g was less than 2sgd.

Anyway, the yogurt tasted quite refreshing and nice. So, if you need a short break near ben thanh market, this would be a best place. At least, they have air conditioner inside. :)

Name: Tutti Frutti Yogurt
Location: Opposite Ben Thanh Market
Rating: A good place for resting legs, great yummy yogurts and lots of toppings to choose.

Blueberry Flavor, it tasted so healthy More Posts On Saigon Can Be Found On >>>> My Saigon Trip

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