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Monday, January 21, 2008

Fireworks and Kong Ming Lantern in Patong

After our sumptuous dinner at Patong Seafood Restaurant, we walked across the road to Patong beach. I bought 2 fireworks for 50Baht. In seconds, it shoot high up to the sky and poooppp.... Wow... very nice and fast. Didn't manage to take any picture of my fireworks because it was really too fast. I also bought a Kong Ming Lantern. I was told that you can write your wishes on the lantern hence i asked for a marker from the lady who sold us this lantern but she don't have one. No choice, we just have to think of the wishes in our heart. One lantern is about 150baht but i guessed it can be cheaper. Anyway i was too tired to bargain the price.

You have to hold the paper lantern until the fuel heat the air inside the lantern and enough to float the lantern rise up to the sky. After that you let go and make a wish.

During Tsunami time, many people actually began lighting the paper lanterns and release it to the sky for remembrance. It symbolise a wish for the soul departed, a wish for a peaceful and beautiful journey and a release of the pain and sorrow of their families and friends.


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