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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Phuket- Jungceylon Shopping Mall

A picture of me resting near one of the jungceylon entrance.

From Singapore to Phuket was about 1 hour and 40 minutes. We sat a Limousine from the airport to Letong Beach Hotel was about 600baht. The journey was about 40 minutes or lesser. We decided to go shopping at Jungceylon but because none of us know how to go there, we took a Tuk Tuk for 150 baht(about 7 sgd) to reach there. The transport in Phuket isn't that cheap as compared to Bangkok.

Jungceylon is a major and the newest shopping mall in Phuket. It is located right on the most livliest spot of Patong Beach, corner of Bangla Road and Rad-u-tit Road.
Operating Hours: Morning - 11pm ( their carrefour closed at 10pm)

Basically, Jungceylon have 4 sections namely the Silang Boulevard, Phuket Square, That's siam and The Port. If you think Jungceylon provide cheap stuffs like Bangkok, I have to say "sorry", it is not cheap at all. My friend bought a belt for 56sgd. The price of the clothes over there is about Singapore price and i can say Singapore has better and nicer things to buy but again it depends on individual taste. The best thing that caught my eyes are Women's Inner Wear. Hahaha! It is CHEAP and there are a lot of choices. Boots were also found there and managed to grab a few cheap and nice body lotions and scrubs. After that, we proceed to a nice restaurant opposite Jungceylon. I could not remember the name but they serve pretty reasonable and nice food. If you would like to watch Thai Boxing after shopping, it would be a great idea because it is just directly opposite jungceylon. Great Massage can also be found in that area.

Overall, with Jungceylon Shopping Mall, it will definitely make your trip more worthwhile because visiting beaches during the day time, shopping in the evening and drinking in the night would be PERFECT.

Perhaps that is the reason why i fall in love with Phuket. Not too boring, not too hectic but just nice for a short get away.


Mark Kingpayom said...

great write up.
I've been to jungceylon and I just adore it.

Thailand Phuket Travel Deals said...

I see the post is old but anyway I agree about the good wrap up and also that Jungceylon (and better than Central Festival) is a nice place after a day at the beach.

Shiene143 said...

I never been to this place and it so sound really interesting. We've been planning to travel in Thailand but as of now we don't know when. I also want to see in person this Jungceylon. Thanks.

Shiene @ shopping malls philippines