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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Zen Japanese Restaurants-Phuket

I visited this japanese restaurant at Central Plaza. If you are looking for cheap and reasonable food. This may be a good place for you in Phuket. Sushi set meals and Alacarte items are cheap as compared to Singapore. It is definitely suitable for Japanese who have craving for hometown dishes. The sushi set(2nd picture), if i don't remembered wrongly, it is about $8-9 Sgd. Ice Blended Watermelon is about $2, same for other kinds of blended fruit juices.
Rating: 3***

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Jamie's Phuket said...

I agree - we like it too. The set meals are very good value, and you can wash it down with an ice cold Asahi. The malls have some good eating options in Phuket!