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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Singapore Taxi to rise up to 49% from 19 December 2007

News was reported last month on the price increment of Singapore Taxis. Is it fair? Singapore workers are complaining on the high expenses of taking a taxi to work and taxi drivers are complaining of earning $30-$40 lesser ever since the increment. Basically, there are Pros and Cons of this issue. PROs- Passenger are easier to get a taxi during peak hour especially when you are rushing for time. CONs - Poor Passengers like us are likely to burn a bigger hole in our pocket. So what can Singaporeans Do? Alot of them are forced to take buses and trains home instead no matter how tired they are. Especially for people who are rushing to the town during peak hours, try to avoid taking taxis because not only you have to pay for the expensive taxi fare, you also have to pay for the expensive ERP Surcharge.

Current Rate

City Area Surcharge: $1 peak hour

Late Night Charge: Staggered 10% to 50%

Peak Period Surcharge: $2.00
Flagged Down Fare $2.50 for first km
Waiting time $0.10 every 25s
Distance Rate (<=10km):$0.10 every 385m
Distance Rate (>10km) $0.10 every 330m
Call Booking (prime time) $4.00
Call Booking (prime time) $4.00

New Rate

City Area Surcharge: $3.00(5pm till midnight, Mon to Sat)
Late Night Charge :50% of metered fare (12am till 5:59am)
Peak Period Surcharge: 35% of metered fare (7am till 9:30am, 5pm till 8pm)
Flagged Down Fare: $2.80 for first km
Waiting time: $0.20 every 45s
Distance Rate(<=10km): $0.20 every 385m from 2nd km till 10km
Distance Rate (>10km): $0.20 every 330m above 10km
Call Booking (prime time): $3.50 (7am to 9:30am, 5pm to 11pm, weekdays)
Call Booking (other time): $2.50

Next time, when you decided to take a taxi, think before flagging for a cab. Unless you have friends to split the cost with you. :)

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