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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Rent A Designer Bag -

Would you choose to rent a designer bag for a week or would you spent thousand of dollars to buy a new bag? Which one would you choose? Well, I have never tried to rent a designer bag but I think this niche business is good for people who wish to own an authentic designer bag for a short period of time. I think it is suitable for people who are always rash in buying stuffs or people who have limited budget to purchase a designer bag. I have many friends who bought a new designer bag in a moment of folly and was regretted on their choices. For a fraction of the cost, you can borrow an authentic designer bag for less than $40 a week. Prices are ranging from less than $40 to more than $100 a week, depending on the brand and design.

So, Would you rent or buy? :)

Name: That Bag I Want
Address:22 Malacca Street #03-01
Royal Brothers Building
Singapore 048980
Tel: (65) 6405 5085
Fax: (65) 6405 7913


Anonymous said...

Renting a bag is not a bad idea but I think i would still prefer to purchase a new bag if I have money.

Anonymous said...

yes, IF you have the money.. otherwise, for people who don't, they can always rent.. n renting is prolly a good short term trial.. if you think you think it's a good bag and you still like it very much after a week, you can go ahead and buy a brand new one for yourself with less of a guilty conscience

Anonymous said...

Renting bags is not a bad idea if you are fickle-minded who can't decide which bag to buy (like me!;D ). I will buy a bag but can't afford many bags to suit all occasions. I will rent bags for occasions.

Anonymous said...

how can you know they are not just cheater? i'm so careful when it comes to credit card payment.

Anonymous said...

how can we confirm they are genuine? im afraid they might cheat our credit card, im so careful when it comes to cards. any one tried renting b4 and its a success?

Happyrainz said...

Although i never rent their bags before, i doubt they are a scam company, especially they are a singapore based company. You can try to search some of the reviews online and i believe there are many successful cases.

I enjoys buying things like clothes, cosmetics or even when it comes to booking of air tickets and hotels, i would still prefer to book online. So far, everytime was quite a success. :)

Anonymous said...

My wife has made use of the service of thatbagiwant for about a year now. The service has been reliable. According to my wife (who is an expert in luxury bag), the bags are genuine. She likes variety and has expensive taste, so bag rental is a good option.

Anonymous said...

Yes, their service is good when you attempt to rent/buy their bags. However, when you want to return and ask for refund under the BuyBack program, they totally ignore your emails. You don't even know when the refund will take place.