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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Resto Surabaya In Far East Plaza

Resto Surabaya have opened its second outlet in Far East Plaza. It seems to be popular among the indonesian chinese friends and also the malay community. Price was reasonable and I ordered 3 dishes. Beef, Ayam Penyet (Deep Fried) and their sour soup.

Food was generally alright with their specialty chilli sauce. The chilli sauce was spicy and shiok. Sour Soup tasted abit weird to me, it tasted sour, sweet... I don't know, it just really doesn't suits my taste. I like the crunchy bits of the Ayam Penyet. it was really VERY CRUNCHY! YUMMY!

Would I go back to this place again? Maybe. I would love to try other dishes. Overall, I would give them 2.8 stars out of 5.

Name: Resto Surabaya
304 Orchard Road #02-63 Lucky Plaza
Tel: 6732 1803

14 Scotts Road #05-26 Far East Plaza
Tel: 6738 4369

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