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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Superdog - Singapore

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I realized I have fallen in love with this fastfood, Superdog. I am quite sure not many have heard of them cause they do not have many outlets in Singapore. So far, as I what I know, they only have 1 in Pasir Ris E Hub and 1 in vivocity. Anyway, it was quite shiok to "smuggle" Superdog into the cinema and enjoyed it slowly while I watched the show. Haha.. I ordered a Chilli Cheese Hotdog and topped up with fries and drinks. I believed this fast food was a craze for young people as I see many youngsters. The fries was crunchy and not oily, the hotdog was piping hot and yummy.

Perhaps next time I shall try their handgrilled burger? Instead of popping popcorns into your mouth the next time, why not try Superdog? :)

Name: Superdog
- Vivocity, #B2-40/41
- #04-101, E!hub at Downtown East
Rating: 3.5stars out of 5 for overall.

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