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Monday, July 14, 2008

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I know many people including myself are quite skeptical to buy beauty products online especially when that particular brand is selling much more higher in the market. Few weeks ago when I stumbled into, I was quite overwhelmed with the lower prices they are offering. Was the products real or fake? I tried to find an answer online, so far I did not see any negative review on it. Anyway, I was quite tempted to buy because of their cheap prices so I decided to try it out myself.......................... Well, $50 purchase comes with a free delivery.. I browsed and chose two items that cost a total of $51. Everything was smooth and easy... Finally,Transaction Successful!!! It stated CASH ON DELIVERY and should arrive before 5pm the next day.

Cool Enough!!! The stocks arrived before 12pm the next day and to my surprise, they gave me a clinique cosmetic pouch on my first purchase. What do I have in my bag? 3 jars of Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief( 15gram each jar) and 2 Dior Show Mascara Black Out(4gram each). I suddenly realize that sample sizes packaging products are better. WHY? It was because the beauty products can keep its freshness better than the normal size especially products like mascaras can dry up so easily.

So how about the quality of the product? Basically, there are no difference from the products that I bought over the counter. Everything was the same. Clinique Moisture Surge absorbed very quickly and smoothly into my skin. Most importantly, I did not get breakouts and best of all I CAN SAVE MONEY! Would I still continue to purchase products from them? DEFINITELY! :)


hot babe said...

the products from bbcosme are genuine as they got their samples all from the cosmetics counter..

Aisyah said...

thanks for yr review..
i was a half hearted to buy but after reading yr review, i shld give it a go!